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My Ministry Checks

Offering Online Background Checks and Child Protection Program

Protecting your Ministry and the Families that Serve

Interactive Child Protection Program

Videos and Quizzes must be completed to move to the next level.

Personal Accounts

Allows for Volunteer to return and finish training at their leisure.

Certificate Upon Completion

Once you have completed the course you can download your certificate of completion.

How to sign up for My Ministry Checks

My Ministry checks is taking a small group of churches to test and review our program.  If you are interested in learning more about this early access please click the button below to schedule an appointment.

My Ministry Checks Child Protection Program

Our Goal at My Ministry Checks is to educate and train volunteers in the signs of sexual abuse and how to identify issues before they happen.  Our Six step course will allow volunteers to watch a video and take a pre-quiz with the correct answers.  Once they have completed the pre-quiz they can move onto the accountability test.  Once the volunteer has completes this test with a 90% correct answers they will be rewarded with a certificate of completion, which they should return to the leader of the ministry that are volunteering in.

Sample of the login process

This is the sign-in user interface that your volunteers to will use

This is a sample of what your volunteers would see

Having your volunteers take a course with this valuable information and then having them tested and background checked will provide peace of mind for your ministry

Set up your Volunteer Account

If this is your first time to My Ministry Checks you will need to set up an account.  Please fill out the ministry volunteer questionnaire. At the end of the form, you will set up your username and password.

Sign in or Continue the Course?

Sign in Here

If you are signed in and come to this page. Please check your URL or click the link that was sent in your email from your church.  

Child Protection Course Description

You will need to be logged in and completed each course to progress to the next one. 

Once completed you can return and retake or finish any course.



What is a Child Protection Program?

MMC Course 1.1

What is an A.C.E. Score?

Learn what impacts an A.C.E. score

MMC Course 1.2

Battle Against Abuse

When does an abuser start?

MMC Course 1.3

Abusive Behavior

Preventing the abusive behavior

MMC Course 1.4

Child Protect Plan

Learn how you can help prevent abuse

MMC Course 1.5

What’s My Role?

What is expected of a volunteer

Got Questions?

Click on the blue life preserver (bottom right) at any time to pop up help or send us a trouble ticket we will get back to you.

Sample of Course Progress

Once your volunteers have signed in they will be able to view their progress and jump back into the program from where they ended.